Achieving Natural Looking Lips with Cosmetic Injections.

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, we love the natural look. 

Many patients we speak to in our Port Macquarie and Kempsey clinics would like to add a little volume to their lips, but are scared of the dreaded ‘duck face’ or ‘trout pout’. We hear you, and it doesn’t have to be this way! Natural-looking lips can be achieved through the skilled application of dermal fillers. For the best results, we aim for subtle improvements over time, and filler done well is pretty much undetectable. 

Dermal fillers are a form of cosmetic injectable derived from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. 

To enhance the lips, small amounts of dermal filler is injected into and around the lips, increasing plumping and hydration, adding volume and structure. As we age, we lose volume in our lips and other structures of the face... Every patient has different and unique needs. Some would like to reduce the signs of age-related volume loss, some would like to correct asymmetries, and some people are just born with thinner lips and would just love a fuller pout. Lip fillers are not reserved for the 20-year-old Instagram influencer, they are a great option for anyone of any age looking to restore volume. 

Every patient has a unique face. 

To achieve a natural look, it is essential that we work with your face shape and set realistic expectations for your goals. Fillers can be used for more than just adding volume and fullness to the lips. We can also use filler to define and shape the cupids bow, accentuate your lip line, correct symmetry, lift the corners of your mouth, soften lines and shorten the appearance of the philtrum (the groove between the top of the lip and the base of the nose). Our skilled practitioners have a deep knowledge of facial anatomy and will work with your natural face structure to give small, subtle enhancements, gradually over time. It’s important to go slow to avoid overfilling the lips; you can always go back for a little more if you feel it’s needed. 

So, do they hurt?

All cosmetic injections can be a little uncomfortable, it is a tiny needle in your face after all, so it will sting! But they are not overly painful. Local anaesthetics and numbing creams can be used to help lessen the discomfort. We busted this myth and a few others in a previous blog post. There is also minimal downtime associated with receiving fillers. There may be some slight swelling, and potential bruising around the injection sites. This doesn’t last and will usually resolve within 24 hours. You’ll be able to return to work straight away. 

Our ethos at Port Medical Aesthetics is “everyday people, extraordinary results”. 

We love the natural look, and we love seeing our patients achieve the results they want over time, without looking like anyone else but themself. If you’re interested in achieving naturally beautiful looking lips, the cohort of cosmetic doctors and nurses working from our Port Macquarie and Kempsey clinics would love to speak with you.

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Achieving Natural Looking Lips with Cosmetic Injections.
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