Cosmelan® Peels - Are they worth it?

At Port Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we have been performing the Cosmelan® Peel for years and LOVE it. 

Cosmelan® is a chemical peel and treatment system that is highly effective at removing unwanted pigment from the skin. It removes melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and other forms of pigmentation. It also works to inhibit melanin production, preventing future spots. Cosmelan® takes a two-phase approach. The first stage is done in the clinic by a qualified skin professional and involves a chemical peel procedure to reduce melanin deposits. A thick clay-like mask will be applied and you’ll go home with the mask on, leaving it for 8-12 hours. You’ll remove the mask at home (don’t worry, we’ll give you instructions and everything you need). The second stage is an extensive at-home treatment plan. We’ll send you home with the Cosmelan® products you need for the next six months. 

How does it work? 

Melanin is the pigment responsible for the colour and tone of your skin, as well as any hyperpigmentation or dark spots. Melanin production increases as a response to things like UV exposure, hormones, ageing and even acne. The enzyme that drives the process at a cellular level is called tyrosinase. Cosmelan® works to remove the pigment but also targets all the stages of melanin production by inhibiting tyrosinase. This is important as it prevents the pigment from returning or new spots forming. 

What can I expect?

Upon application of the mask in the clinic, there might be some slight tingling or stinging however, this will fade. Approximately 48-72 hours after the mask, the skin will begin to peel, which will last approximately three days. You will also likely experience some redness and swelling in the first few days after your treatment. You’ll be given some aftercare products to use. 

The next phase of the treatment involves using the Cosmelan® 2 products to inhibit the production of melanin. You’ll use these products for the next six months Within the first couple of weeks, you’ll start to see some results and a brighter complexion. Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, you may need another treatment after the six months. However, most people find one treatment works a treat, especially if they’ve adhered to the maintenance plan! You can optimise your results by limiting your sun exposure and using the products recommended by your therapist. 

Is there downtime or side effects? 

There isn’t any major downtime, but your skin will be red and peel for up to a week. During this time, avoid sun exposure and wear SPF. You may also experience some dryness, itchiness and flaking. In very rare cases, some scarring is a possibility however, having Cosmelan® applied by an experienced professional minimises this risk.

Can anyone get a Cosmelan® Peel?

Cosmelan® will improve the appearance of pigmentation, melasma, dull skin, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. So anyone that would like to have these issues corrected, will get an incredible result from a Cosmelan® Peel. It is a safe and effective procedure suited to all ages, skin tones and ethnicities. It can also work wonders for the hands, neck and chest, as well as the face. There are, however, a few contraindications. Cosmelan® isn’t suitable for anyone pregnant, under 12, or on Roaccutane. The price of treatment is around $1500, including the peel and all of the aftercare and maintenance products.

We absolutely think Cosmelan® Peels are worth the hype. 

We love the results of Cosmelan®, and our patients love them too. Cosmelan® Peels do require an initial consultation, so if you’re interested in what Cosmelan® could do for you, get started with one of our qualified professional dermal therapists at our Port Macquarie Medical Aesthetics Clinic, or Kempsey Medical Aesthetics Clinic.

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Cosmelan® Peels - Are they worth it?
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